fast track to the future

Downtown Cordele’s development efforts aim to foster economic growth and revitalize the city while preserving our heritage. We rely on business and community involvement along with the assistance of our Downtown Revitalization Committee (DRC) in order to keep Cordele on a path to expansion. The future of Cordele lies just a short distance down the tracks and it’s full of exciting changes and new additions. The best part is everyone has a chance to be a part of the vision. Get involved by reaching out or sharing your own opinions on what the future of the charming town of Cordele looks like to you.


The Downtown Cordele Incentive Program

offers financial benefits to new businesses located in the Downtown Cordele District.
Incentives include:
  • Waiver of Business License Fee (first year)
  • Waiver of Occupation Tax (first year)
  • Waiver of Building Permits Fees for: renovation of existing buildings and new building construction.
  • Waiver of Alcohol License Fee (first year) for new restaurants. 
  • Waiver of Initial Water and Gas Deposit
  • Waiver of Tap Fees
  • RURAL Zone: Qualifying projects can earn Job Tax Credits, Investment Credits, and Rehabilitation Credits.
  • Same Day Power Connection & Waived Deposits: Crisp County Power Commission can provide same-day connection in many cases as well as the opportunity to waive deposit requirements.

who can participate?

New businesses that locate in the Downtown Cordele Incentive District. (DCID)

how can I participate?

Once an Occupational Tax Application (Business License Application) is submitted to the Tax Clerk, the location of the proposed business will be determined. If located within the Downtown Cordele Incentive District (DCID) the business will automatically received the benefits outlined in the package.

are there other programs?


The Cordele Downtown Development Authority (CDDA) offers two more financial Programs in which a business located in the Downtown Cordele Incentive District may participate:

  • Façade Grants: A matching grant provided by The CODA to qualified building & business owners for renovation and improvements to store fronts.

  • Low-Interest Loans: The City of Cordele has the ability to offer low interest rates to qualified borrowers at below market rates.